Friday, 30 January 2009

MR SMEE vector image

STORYBOARDS-chosen sequence

after looking at a wide range of Disney title sequences, i found that they have alot of colour and movement in them. i have desided to take a more pixar style approach to my sequence, this will give me a chance to create a title sequence which will appeal to a vast amount of tyhe Disney market. From children to adults the way i have adapted the characters will also attract character designers and vinyl toy collectors.

the choice of characters will grab the attention of all age ranges because they are classic characters.
the style of animation will also fit in with the contemporary ident style of E4

RESEARCH-Disney/Pixar Title sequences

Disney/Pixar title sequences
these title sequences are more intersting then the classics title sequences. so i have desided to make my sequence more like the moderen pixar sequences, this will broaden my target audience.

The Incredible

monsters inc

Disney Classics title sequences
these title sequences are very basic there is not much movement in them. however this is because of the time they were made 1951-1953. i think that if Disney made these classics at present the title sequences would have been very different. such as the pixar title sequences at present


peter pan


RESEARCH(i web)-Steven Harringtons site

this is also on of my favourite illustrators, his site is very simple. it has alot of white space, therefore layout has been considered which make his work standout. the web page is easy to use. would like to take a similar approach to my website. because there will be alot of links and work going on it.

RESEARCH(i web)-Sanna Annukka site

Sanna annukka is one of my favourite illustrators, here are some shots of her web page, it has a simple layout. i like the way numbers have been used as links to pictures of her work. this is an nice way to layout storyboards or development pages of my site.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

DEVELOPMENT-new characters

i have decided to keep my characters for my title sequence in the same style, however i have developed them into more of a character rather than designing then to the shape of a number. this will give less away about the sequence and therefore work better. i have looked at vinyl toy designers such as kid robot and used used a similar style of character as them. my research that i have collected shows of how they take the Simpson's for example and make simple vinyls of them. they have achieved this by keeping all the obvious and essential characteristics and loosing all the unnecessary characteristics. which is what i have done with the Disney characters i have used. i have also looked at Paras work, i will be using a more illustrative approach to the type used, in a similar style to this designer. i have chosen this style as it will work well with the Disney concept and the character style which i have undertaken. I have started experimenting this idea which the Cheshire cats face holding the title of the sequence

RESEARCH-logo sequences

logo sequences such as these above make interesting sequences, therefore i will also use a simple ideas for my title sequence, they both use effective sound effects which work well with mellow tracks in the background. this sets the mood for the style of film. they are also subtle and do not give to much away, therefore are success sequences


i have decided to look at old cinema style countdowns. This will be a good way of including the numbers 1-10 within my title sequence.


i began with the idea of linking the numbers 1-10 and the characters within the countdown. however after storyboarding some sequence ideas, i decided that it was becoming a bit to obvious and i was giving away to much information. such as the order of my countdown and the number of the characters.

however most top 10 countdown programs do have mini animations in between, when the number is revealed. so i will therefor use these characters for storyboarding mini animations which will appear within the program.

Sunday, 18 January 2009


this is an animated trailer for the game mirrors edge. the trailer sets a good simple style for the game. the game play is not much different from this trailer. it has simple 3d animation for all characters and the environment, therefore the game has been able to create a huge city because of tis simplicity.
the EA logo at the beginning of the trailer has been adapted to go with the genre of the game and appears in a short sequence as a foot print/ the animation is effective because still backgrounds are used. therefore the movement in the trailer is more
noticeable/It is animated in a Japanese anime style


this is another way digital media is used. i found this interesting as Digital menus which are at the beginning of DVDs and games are often taken for granted and not payed attention to. however there is a grate deal of design work put into them. here is the opening menu sequence for the game Far Cry 2.
the uni soft logo has been adapted and a sequence has been made for it fit in with the genre of the game/page of the menu are in form of a tatty book,again good link to the game genre/there is also a fly hovering above thew pages of the book. This adds a more realistic feel to the game before you even start playing it.

Monday, 12 January 2009

RESEARCH-Top 10 Sidekick Characters

RESEARCH-Disney Characters

After looking at existing top tens on the Internet, i found that Disney villains and main characters was a comen subject and has been explored alot in the past. i also found that there is alot of Disney merchandise and other things related to villains and main characters already.

So i decided to look at the Sidekick characters into more detail. i thought this would be more interesting as i did not find much top tens and other related things to sidekicks in my research. however i did find a recent collaboration with Disney which was by The Hundreds(an American clothing company). they used the lost boys which were sidekick characters from the film Peter Pan(1953) and designed a new modern image for each character. these were used for a very successful limited edition clothing line.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

RESEARCH-Disney Classic Animations

i researched all the feature animation classics from Snow white(1937) to Home on the Range(2004) i desided to narrow it down by discarding all cgi animations such as Meet the Robinsons(2007) which uses a pixar syle of animation but is not made by their design team.
at this stage my research was still very broad and i still had possiblity to break my down into further catogories. such as storylines/scenes/themes/settings...
but i desided to narrow it down to Characters within Disney Classic Animations.
so i started looking at Main/Villain/Sidekick charcters within each of the films.

NEW BRIEF- Best and Worst

Over the holidays i have been Researching Disney films for the new digital media brief.
i began by focusing the brief on Disney films. this however was still very broad, so i categorised the information and research which i found, into category's such as pixar animations/short animations/live films...

However i desided to specify the main focus of my project
down to:

Sunday, 4 January 2009

STEFAN G.BUCHER-monsters animated

This was the monster which is on the cover of LA WEEKLY


Friday, 2 January 2009




STOP MOTION-Erbert & Gerbert's: Human Flipbook

this is a promotional animation for the American sandwich shop called Erbert & Gerbert's subs and clubs. it uses stop motion animation of a character and combines it with the background which is the T-shirts.


effective use of colour with the t-shirts/creative sequence of the sun turning into a balloon/useing two t-shirts-light/dark shades of blue to indecate the sky and the seawater

STOP MOTION- xBox Commercial

IDENT-Swallow-Face MTV Logo ID

this is a dated MTV ident. It works well as it is interesting and quick paced. it grabs the audiences attention and leads straight away to the MTV logo. using a white background to stage this graffiti style animation is also effective as it immediately becomes the centre of attention, which is also why the animation is situated in the centre of the screen.


IDENT-Trouble TV branding