Monday, 2 February 2009

DEVELOPMENT-background and order

i have started to look at the style of background which i can have at the beginning of my sequence. i have decided to use parts of never never land, as it will fit in well with the Mr Smee character. this is a mock up of my background, the real one will be in colour, however i will change the opacity of it to make it look like it is further away in comparison to the foreground. i will also have a crocodile in front of the ship (peter pan)

i have changed the background for the Cheshire cat character so it looks more like his scene in Alice in wonderland, i could also have his grin(teeth) as separate layers in the background, fading in and out.

when the countdown gets to 10 the eye will zoom out to the title image of the Cheshire cat. then vanish (spin off)

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